A series of meetings – on MAUTO’s IG page – to share reflections, strategies, critical issues and projects in a historical moment of great transformations, especially relating to the digital enjoyment of culture and relationships between the Museum and its public. To lead them, Mariella Mengozzi – Director of MAUTO – who will converse, from time to time, with the representatives of many important museums – national and international, automotive and others. Curiosities about the collections and their history, educational or exhibition projects, best practices to be implemented to make the museum a contemporary, inclusive and accessible place: many themes and many guests for a weekly appointment with the MAUTO)


  • Tuesday, may the 18, 6 p.m:  Maria Bussolati (Museo Millemiglia)
  • Tuesday, may the 25, 6 p.m: Roberto Giolito (Heritage Hub Stellantis)

PAST TALKS (you can watch them again on MAUTO IGtv)