SATURDAY, 14 OCTOBER AND SUNDAY, 15 OCTOBER, MAUTO and Roarington meet up once again for a new project: giving the museum’s visitors the thrill to drive a Lancia D24 in the Metaverse!

Visitors will have the opportunity to drive the Roarington simulators – designed by Pininfarina and Zagato – and live the experience of taking on historic circuits at the wheel of two masterpieces of car design: the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante from 1952 and the Fiat Turbina from 1954.

MAUTO’s new course in the Metaverse adds the Lancia D24 to the lineup of driveable cars, so that visitors can live the unique and complete experience of driving a spectacular car, which won the 1953 Carrera Panamericana with racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel.

Unleash the past, fire up the future: Roarington’s simulators at MAUTO!

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Special promotion:

SINGLE DRIVE: €15 for a 10-minutes’ drive

DOUBLE DRIVE: Special price of €25 for 2 simultaneous, 10-minutes’ drives


  • 1 passenger per drive
  • Minimum height allowed: 1.65m (5.4 ft)
  • Not suitable for people with cardiac, lumbar, or cervical problems, or with serious disabilities
  • Not recommended to people suffering from car sickness
  • Pregnant ladies are forbidden from driving the simulator
  • In order to guarantee the correct execution of the experience, users are forbidden from taking bags, food or beverages or any other object aboard the simulator