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The Museum’s temporary exhibitions at Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile are the result of collaboration with leading institutions and partners on a national and international scale. These events enrich MAUTO’s cultural offerings with insights into the theme of the automobile, considered not only as a means of transportation, but also as an object of worship, transversal to all arts and disciplines. In addition to major exhibitions, artist installations and research exhibition projects, characterized by an experimental and innovative approach, are presented in the project rooms.


Project Room

Large exhibitions are joined in project rooms by artist installations and research exhibition projects with a more experimental slant.

A Mille Miglia long journey

12/06/2024 –  29/09/2024

12/06/2024 –  29/09/2024

Public Program

As a corollary of the exhibition AYRTON SENNA FOREVER – the largest and most complete ever made on the Brazilian champion – five moments of meeting and debate: pilots, journalists, designers, testers and friends, the loved ones and rivals of all time will help to draw a portrait as complete as possible of the unforgettable champion. Many testimonies from those who knew him and – in various ways – influenced his amazing career.
The Public Program completes the MAUTO cultural schedule and broadens the discussion on the subject of cars and mobility. A program that explores different languages and transversal approaches, opening up to a contemporary and transmedia discussion.
STORIES, VISIONS, SOUNDS. A  calendar of meetings that alternates between conversations, editorial presentations, projections, musical and performance events: stories that embrace art, design, literature and current affairs; visual explorations ranging from auteur films to artist videos and documentaries; sound proposals that move between musical genres, with authors and performers, ensembles and soloists.

Some of the scheduled meetings – all free and upon reservation – develop from the themes addressed by the temporary exhibitions and research activities of the Museum’s Conservation and Restoration Centre and Documentation Centre.

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