Until Sunday, November the 20


The LMX Sirex is a GT car produced in Italy in 1969 after a two-year study and designed as a series of innovative technical solutions applied to a chassis made by Michel Liprandi after a sports car project by Gioachino Colombo. The exhibition “Sportiva d’Autore. LMX, un Sogno italiano degli Anni Sessanta will be held at the MAUTO from September 13 to November 20. The show tells the story of the LMX Sirex, a car that combines people, ideas, design, boldness. A short, yet intense “forgotten” story, like the boldness of those people who dreamt of, longed for, desired, and loved it. Five LMX units, four coupés and one roadster, have been gathered after 50 years and are waiting for visitors to admire, know, study and appreciate their style and power and the story behind them.