Wednesday 6 December, 17.30, Sala 150

The future of a museum has been given conference – Transversal readings of automobile culture / #3.

In memory of Mariella Mengozzi, MAUTO – Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile – with the scientific support of Fondazione Santagata, intends to promote an International Day of Studies on the role of museums and cultural institutions in the safeguarding and enhancement of automotive culture as a social, technical and scientific testimony of an era and a field of innovation and experimentation.

The meeting “History of the automobile: museums, restoration and cultural development”, which will be held on December 6 at the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile and will conclude the series of initiatives for the ninetieth anniversary, will be an opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the main European institutions in the sector and others, on the issues of conservation, restoration and enhancement, with a view to identifying common opportunities and perspectives for integrated development processes.

The program includes – during the day – three round tables with guests of international importance. At the end of the works of each group, at 5.30 pm, it will be given back to the public in Room 150 of the Museum. At the same time, the first of the QUADERNI del MAUTO will be presented: edited by Gianluigi Ricuperati with Lorenza Bravetta, the publication collects the voices of representatives of the world of national and international culture to reflect on the history and future of mobility, on the museum as a place of memory and experimentation.

To conclude the day, a speech by Andrea Pinotti – Professor of Aesthetics of the University of Milan – entitled (Tele)transport: between reality and virtual reality.

The event will be followed by a cocktail.

To attend the event for the public – in the Conference Room of the MAUTO at 17.30 – you must book: / +39 011 677666

The round tables are:

Car preservation and functionalisation in the international context

A meeting with the main European automobile museums to discuss the methodologies and approaches for a correct conservative and functional restoration of vintage vehicles. The theme is addressed by considering both the appearance of the car as an object of museum collection, and by dealing with the criticality of its refunctionalization in the broader panorama of vintage car collecting.


Chiara Brambilla, Haute École Arc Conservation-restauration, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Nicola Bulgari, NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, Rome/Allentown (PA-USA)

Alfonso Frugis, “La Venaria Reale” Conservation and Restoration Center

François Junod, Automaton Builder and Restorer

Davide Lorenzone, Restoration Centre – National Automobile Museum

Rodolphe Rapetti, Musée National de la Voiture, Compiègne (France)

MODERATOR:  Emanuela Daffra, Opificio delle Pietre Dure/Alessandra Marino, ICR Central Institute for Restoration

Networks and systems for a car WIKIDATA. Digitisation, sharing and accessibility

Enhancing and sharing documentary heritage is a central theme in the cultural field and the increase in projects related to its digitisation has allowed the development of good practices for free access to knowledge. The activation of networks and territorial systems between public and private institutions, collectors and production companies in order to build joint actions to promote access to information is fundamental. The virtuous experiences and critical issues faced in the cultural field can be a point of reference and starting point to put in place strategies suitable for a greater diffusion of automotive culture and reflect on what are the appropriate digital tools.


Stefano Benedetto, State Archive of Turin

Enrico Bertacchini, University of Turin

Pierluigi Feliciati, University of Macerata

Anna Maria Marras, ICOM Italy, Coordinator of the Digital Technologies Commission for Cultural Heritage – University of Turin/Sarah Dominique Orlandi, ICOM Italy, Coordinator of the Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group

Ilaria Pani, Documentation Centre – National Automobile Museum

Laura Fornara, Compagnia di San Paolo – Fondazione 1563

MODERATOR:  Laura Moro, MiC Central Institute for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

The construction of a car route in Europe

The opportunity to have, around the table, some of the most important national and international museums dedicated to the automobile allows us to start thinking about the possibility of enhancing the important heritage of the collections, putting it in network with the symbolic places of the automobile, such as historic circuits or production sites. A first meeting to discuss the possibility of strengthening the networks already present at European level as tools for the enhancement of heritage, connection with tourism, an opportunity for debate on mobility.


Maria Bussolati, Mille Miglia Museum

Benedetto Camerana, National Automobile Museum

Elisabetta Cozzi, Museo Fratelli Cozzi

Sebastien de Baere, Autoworld Museum, Brussels

Guillaume Gasser, Cité de l ‘Automobile Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse

Ronald Kooyman, Louwman Museum, The Hague

Monica Mailander, Macaluso Collection

Silvia Nicolis, Museo Nicolis

MODERATOR: European Institute of Cultural Routes