Gran Prix France 1907. The Fiat driven Vincenzo Lancia

Alberto Ascari and Aurelio Lampredi

 at Indianapolis in 1952

Scipione Borghese in China

during the 1907 Peking-Paris raid

Gastone Brilli Peri

with his mechanic Lumini on a Steyr. Targa Florio, 1922


Eugenio Castellotti

sitting on a Vespa before a race


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Reopened in 2011 thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni, the Documentation Centre fully meets the sharing, accessibility and extended use needs of the MAUTO cultural heritage.

With 9,000 monographs, 50% of which exclusively owned by the Car Museum, the Library ranges from the history of locomotion to that of car factories and racing, from biographical and autobiographical volumes to yearbooks, from technical works to illustrated catalogues. In addition, the Newspaper and magazine library is a treasure trove of 800 publications on automotive subjects in all the world’s languages , 195 of which are the exclusive property of MAUTO. Also forming part of the Library is a small but precious collection of antique books, including true rarities on the history of mechanics, physics and the sciences between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

Searches for monographs and periodicals can be conducted through the website, and OPAC of Piedmont as regards the circuit SBN – Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (, which provides basic data of works: author, title, edition, number of issues if it is part of a series, the library that conserves the work and its location. It is also possible to carry out a semantic search based on the Florence Directory and on the Car Museum’s own directory.

The documents held in the archive, on the other hand, can be consulted using the Archid’HOC software program, which covers the archival collections of the Museum accessible to the public, divided into Fonds. In total there are more than 30,000 archival items, containing information on world car factories, sporting events since the end of the 19th century, leading players in the history of the motor car including drivers, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, patent holders, captains of industry, Italian and foreign coachworks, contemporary production, the Motor Shows, speed records, special designs. Approximately 35,000 photographs are registered, of which 17,500 have already been made available online, linked to their archive card (with watermark). Of particular importance is the collection called Historical Fonds of the Documentation Centre: a documentary collection divided into thematic sections that constitutes the original core of the Documentation Centre archive.


If you are in possession of potentially useful material for MAUTO, contact us and share it with us!

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