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Inaugurated in 2016, the Restoration Centre aims to preserve and enhance the MAUTO’s precious heritage.

The Restoration Centre combines traditional techniques for the restoration of vintage cars with the most advanced methodologies applied to works of art; it carries out and supervises prevention and conservation operations on the cars in the MAUTO collection and on those of external entities, complying with the criteria of conservative restoration in order to preserve vehicle authenticity.

To disseminate the conservation method, educational and training activities make professional skills in the field of restoration, research and scientific analysis more accessible. Schools, private individuals and professionals can in this way learn more about the evaluation tools necessary for a critical approach to the preservation of cars. 

Hours and Rates

Monday: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tuesday /Sunday: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The ticket office closes 1 hour before

Where we are

Corso Unità d'Italia 40 10126 Torino Tel. 011 677666 Fax 011 6647148 Details icon arrow


Automobili Giuseppe Ricordi 8 HP Break 1899


Functional and aesthetic conservative restoration


Fiat 12/16 HP


Functional conservative restoration


Itala 35/45 HP “Palombella” 1909


Functional restoration



Steam tricycle by Enrico Pecori - 1891

An aesthetic and functional conservative restoration of the tricycle was carried out after careful study and analysis of the historical documents.  The work involved the total disassembly of the tricycle in order to analyse its state of conservation and proceed with the operations of cleaning, restoration of the mechanical parts and painting of the exterior.  The boiler had to be completely reconstructed because the original steam generator was no longer suitable to withstand the operating pressure indicated in the original booklet; the original boiler is now kept in the museum deposits. 


De Dion & Bouton Tricycle 1 ¼ HP - 1899

The purpose of conservative restoration is to restore the vehicle’s appropriate conservation conditions and facilitate the aesthetic reading of the most compromised materials: tyres and metals. Cleaning, consolidation and final protection operations have been carried out on the entire vehicle, in the attempt to achieve an aesthetically adequate result while respecting the history and authenticity of the vehicle.

Type G De Dion & Bouton chassis - 1901

The chassis was in a very advanced state of decay, with substantial paint damage, corrosion and biological attacks.  The choice of intervention method was evaluated critically in order to carry out an ethically correct restoration in line with the preliminary analyses that revealed the original colour.  The work involved cleaning, painting and final protection operations. 


Itala 35/45 HP Peking-Paris - 1907

The car has undergone functional restoration after several years of inactivity; the pipes and tank had to be cleaned as part of the work on the petrol supply system.  In addition, adjustment and commissioning work was carried out on the ignition. In the near future, the front leaf-springs will be restored following an incident that occurred during the last revival of the Peking-Paris race in 2007.


Fiat 18/24 HP - 1908

After a long period of inactivity, the vehicle has undergone functional restoration. The intervention involved the total disassembly of the engine into its individual parts to assess their integrity and any prior damage.  Subsequently, the timing gears were reconstructed because the originals were unable to fulfil their function.  The rest of the mechanicals have been cleaned, checked and reassembled and work correctly.


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