The Velocity of Thought by Paul Etienne Lincoln.

ARTIST’S INSTALLATION /The Velocity of Thought by Paul Etienne Lincoln
On the occasion of Artissima, the MAUTO proposes – in the days of the fair – a rich program of initiatives dedicated to contemporary art and a reduction on the entrance fee.

Among these, the special installation The Velocity of Thought by the artist Paul Etienne Lincoln: designed and built in 1976 and modified several times over the years to reach the current look, the work has as its center a prototype car in full scale, equipped with motor Panhard Levassor Tigre of derivation aereonautica, fed to gasoline, propane and oil of flax.

🔸 Saturday, November 4, at 12.00 Paul Etienne Lincoln will meet the visitors of the MAUTO to tell his work.

English by birth, but living in New York, Paul Etienne Lincoln is one of the most complex and sophisticated figures on the international art scene. Author of works “exhibitions”, famous for their complexity and for the meticulous realization that they involve, he has been working for years on the relationships between nature and mechanics, proposing works with a fairy-tale and outdated flavor, fed by metaphors and suggestions drawn from the history of science, of culture and art.