Who we are

The Association, established in 1957 on the initiative of Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia recognized by Decree of the President of the Republic number 1455 on 8 October 1957 modified with D.G.R. of Piedmont n. 6-18993 of 10 December 1992, it is called “NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AUTOMOBILE AVVOCNI GIONELLI”, abbreviated to “MAUTO”. Members of the Association are the Automobile Club of Italy, the City of Turin, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles S.A. and the Piedmont Region.

The Association is non-profit and operates in the territorial area of ​​the Piedmont Region.

The Association aims to facilitate and promote the documentation, study and dissemination of the history of the car and of other means of locomotion as well as the related components.

To this end, the Association proposes to:

preserve and enhance the collection and the individual vintage cars, for whatever reason possessed;
search, acquire, preserve, study, exhibit and represent material evidence of assets of institutional interest and take care of initiatives to protect and enhance these assets, as well as collect, preserve, restore, order and update materials, graphic, bibliographic and photographic documents , cinematographic and in any case of any other nature inherent to said history;
facilitate and stimulate the research of scholars and technicians in this field;
collaborate in the dissemination of the history of self-promotion, through the organization of a permanent exhibition of vehicles in the Museum, of congresses, special exhibitions, conferences and other such events;
acquire property, on loan or for any other reason and / or dismantle vehicles and other means of transport and their parts and accessories, falling within the purposes of the Association;
implement and encourage any other initiative that is part of the Association’s purpose.