The Collection

The MAUTO – Museo dell’Automobile di Torino has one of the rarest and most interesting collections of its kind, with more than 200 original cars of 80 brands from all over the world. The oldest core of the collection is linked to the history of its founder, Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, who with enthusiasm and determination gathered cars, chassis and engines. The cars on display represent creativity, technical excellence and manufacturing expertise, but just as important are the stories linked to each piece in the collection, each a protagonist of a historical, sporting, social or customary achievement: the exhibition traces the continuous evolution of the automobile, recounting projects that were successfully completed (or ended in failure), the result of the great passion for progress that drove manufacturers, entrepreneurs and drivers to focus on the means of transportation that was a symbol of the 20th century.


Discover over 200 original cars, produced by more than 80 different brands , from all countries of the world

Discover MAUTO's

MAUTO's cars are sometimes on the road in Italy. Check out the cars that are off display

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